Show control

A single operator can drive the system through every twist and turn of a show with maximum consistency and minimum opportunity for error.

Realtime graphics

As a Ventuz master, graphics can be as dynamic as your production. Dozens of feeds, keying, interaction. Limits are for Powerpoint.

System integration

You can't beat custom software, specifically designed to streamline your production and engineering processes.

Pre-production systems

The right workflow will ensure that all the important research and checking work happens in the office rather than during precious studio time.

Format development

Don't be constrained by what's possible on a whiteboard or with consumer presentations software. Get a true feel for the game with a custom demo system.

Special projects

When it's never been done before, a huge breadth of experience and relationships with a diverse range of specialists really helps.

Recent projects

Press Your Luck logo

Press Your Luck

Delivered a complete control and graphics system outputting to multiple screens including 4k LED wall and keyer. Designed Arduino-based control system for 16x linear actuators.

Ping pong table made with LCD screens

Data Pong

Ping Pong game built to order for expo stands in China and US. Ball bounces tracked by LiDAR and flight tracked with Intel Real Sense cameras.

Card Sharks logo

Card Sharks

Delivered a control system so that lights can track gameplay and live stats are available to host and producers.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire logo

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (US)

Recently delivered a brand new graphics package for the long-running US version of Millionaire.

Double Dare logo

Double Dare

Delivered a control system and multi-output graphics system for a new production of Nickelodeon's best-known game show.

Match Game logo

Match Game

Control and graphics system integrating with high-availability sensor system and lighting in contestant/panelist desks.

Family Feud

Comprehensive control system, 20+ HD graphics outputs, sound and the ultimate in buzz-in accuracy.


Melodex is designed to meet the particular needs for background music which are not well-served by more general-purpose solutions. The Melodex services support playback of up to 32 independent music feeds from a single Windows 10 PC. It's currently in use in a major casino property.



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Barjonas HQ is in the software hub of Bellevue, Washington, in the shadow of Microsoft and just across the bridge from Seattle. When it's show time, the office is wherever the show is; studios around the country.