Lidar Table Tennis image

Lidar Table Tennis


Recently I built an augmented table tennis game which required detection of each bounce of the ball on the table. The simplest idea I could think of was to use a scanning laser rangefinder (AKA LiDAR) scanning a 2D plane just above the surface of the table. I knew there were already several software products to interpret the data from these devices and convert it into TUIO. TUIO is built over OSC, which is a...

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Automating Adobe Dng Converter In Windows image

Automating Adobe Dng Converter In Windows


A few years back, I decided to standardize my raw photo archive into the Adobe DNG format. I’ve had a few different brands of camera and negative scanners over the years, and I’m not confident all the different formats will be readable decades from now. Also, I started using Google Photos, which does not support most of them, so treats most raw pictures like unknown data files. Fortunately, it does support DNG. These will be...

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Smart Led Christmas Lights image

Smart Led Christmas Lights


After reading about smart LEDs a while ago, I’ve been looking for a reason to play with them. In most TV productions this would be squarely within the world of the Lighting Department, so it might be while until I got the chance. Christmas lights around the outside of my house seemed like a good first foray! In this first post, I’ll cover the major design decisions of the system. I plan at least two...

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